[Marxism] Rep. Madigan's state employees blocking Nader in Illinois

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Jul 25 17:39:44 MDT 2004

This just came over on the Nader list.  I share it for the benefit of
both those in Illinois and for anyone with persistent illusions that the
Democratic Party is a jot more "democratic" than the Republican thieves
of the last presidential election.


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Press Release Contacts
Kevin Zeese: Nader Spokesperson (202) 265-4000
Christina Tobin: Local Coordinator (240) 483-1921
Jeff Trigg: Libertarian Party of Illinois (LPI) (800) 735-1776
Jerry Kohn: Libertarian US Senate candidate (708) 687-2884
Scott Summers: Illinois Green Party (708) 829-9672
Adam Turl: Internat'l Socialist Org. (773) 583-6875
Andy Spiegel: General Counsel, LPI; representing Nader for President and
Socialist Equality Party

Coalition Asks Madigan to Explain Political Use of State Employees

(Chicago, IL) -- Supporters of independent candidate Ralph Nader for
President held a joint press conference today to update the media and
of Illinois on the status of the Illinois Democratic Party's attempt to
Ralph Nader off the ballot. Members of the Free and Equal Elections
Coalition also presented evidence showing state employees from Michael
Madigan's staff are working on the challenge.

"We may not agree on other policies, but we are unifying against these
ridiculous ballot access laws in Illinois," says Jeff Trigg, Libertarian
Party of Illinois Executive Director. "The facts are that Illinois
are challenging Nader, but they bent over backwards to let President
blatantly ignore deadlines in election law. This Bush favoritism shows
who the Democrats think their political enemies are, and it isn't the
Republicans. Their enemy is voter choice, and that is wrong," adds

In addition to their attempts to kick Ralph Nader off the ballot, the
Illinois Democratic Party has challenged the petitions of the Green
Presidential and US Senate candidates, along with Green Party candidates
county positions in Champaign County, and a Socialist Equality Party
candidate for State Representative in the Champaign area. Democrats have
also been responsible for removing Green candidates in previous years.

In 1998, George Ryan and the Republicans removed the Libertarian
for state Constitutional offices while using more than 70 Secretary of
employees on the petition challenge, several of whom were working on the
state's clock. In 2002, Republicans tried again to deny voters' rights,
lost their challenge. Illinois Republican Party Chair and State
Judy Baar Topinka is now under a federal grand jury investigation for
allegedly sending her Treasurer office employees to work on that

"We've already identified no less than 10 Democrat state employees
on this challenge, most coming directly from Speaker Michael Madigan's
staff," states Christina Tobin, a local coordinator for the Nader for
President campaign. "I've requested the relevant payroll records to
these state employees are not on the clock, but Madigan's staff is
like they've got something to hide. If that isn't enough, Madigan is
over his 16 year old interns that have no business being put into the
of this legal process."

"In light of all this information," Tobin concludes, "we call on Mike
Madigan to explain why state employees worked on the objections to Mr.
Nader's petitions, and if these employees were on taxpayers' dollars
impeding democracy." 


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