[Marxism] Re: MR on China

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 26 07:21:37 MDT 2004

Richard Fidler wrote:
> In fact, Ben, the MR feature article on China - which, as other comrades
> have said, is very good - relies heavily on articles by DSP leaders, and
> especially Eva Cheng (including the pieces you cite), for its sources.

I'm about half-way through this exceptionally insightful article and 
plan to write a review for the list after I'm done. I know Paul Burkett, 
one of the others, fairly well through email exchanges over the years 
and reviewed his book on Marx and ecology for Journal of the History of 
Economic Thought long ago. It is instructive to note that his particular 
interest in the environment must have shaped his outlook on China. Keep 
in mind that the idiotic flame war that went on here a while back was 
ignited by my reference to an article in the Chronicle of Higher 
Education that reviewed 2 books that dealt with the environmental crisis 
in China. I now feel vindicated.


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