[Marxism] Justin Raimondo skewers the ABB'ers

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 26 09:12:05 MDT 2004

This election year is a conundrum that is baffling the antiwar Left, and 
the great debate over whether or not to support Nader is separating the 
wheat from the chaff. As I noted in a previous column, the 
self-promoting and largely self-appointed "leaders" of the "progressive" 
movement – i.e. what used to be called liberals – are fanatically 
devoted to Kerry, and attack the Naderites with the same mindless 
ferocity as the old Nation magazine used to denounce the Trotskyites as 
"wreckers," "splitters," and "agents of Hitler and the Mikado." Uncle 
Joe Stalin may be long dead, but his spirit lingers on in the mindset of 
the ABB'ers, even down to mimicking the vicious smearing campaigns that 
were the hallmark of the Stalinist propaganda machine.

Speaking of Stalin, the Kerry camp will be delighted to hear that 
they've been endorsed by the Communist Party USA, the "official" Commie 
party in the United States, which gives voice to the ABB movement on the 
Left. While Kerry's economic platform is "not as dramatic a program as 
we would place, but one that goes in a significantly different 
direction," on the other hand, say the Commies:

"He is the vehicle by which George W. Bush, representing the most 
extreme reaction, can be defeated. A Kerry presidency by itself will not 
bring the changes, it will undoubtedly require huge mass pressure to 
bring the changes. In this regard ..., a Kerry election presents the 
possibility for greater struggles to undo damage and move forward.

"There is concern in many quarters that Kerry has not taken a strong 
enough stand, especially on issues of race and on the war in Iraq. 
Placing this criticism, Julian Bond said at the Take Back America 
conference, 'Too often the opposition party has been absent without 
leave. When one party is shameless the other can't afford to be 
spineless.' Yet, he concluded, given the threat to civil rights 
enforcement on every front and right-wing control of all branches of 
government, 'The consequences of loss are too high to bear. We have to 
ensure every citizen registers and votes and guarantee the theft of 
Black votes never happens again.' These formulations speak volumes to 
those within peace and left organizations who insist there is no 
difference between Kerry and Bush. On the basis of the record alone, 
this is not the case.'"

It isn't surprising that a party that could ignore the crimes of the 
gulag would subordinate the deaths of thousands of Iraqis to the issue 
of how many chads were counted in Florida. As a way to prove their 
complete lack of any moral sense, not to mention their slavish devotion 
to the Democratic party machine, such a stance is a stroke of strategic 
genius on the part of these latter-day Leninists.

I guess the Commies will be among the "protesters" at the Democratic 
national convention, which we'll be subjected to all week, and I had to 
laugh when I read the complaint of the protesters' leader, Medea 
Benjamin, at being caged up in Boston:

"We don't deserve to be put in a detention center, a concentration camp. 
It's tragic that here in Boston, the birthplace of democracy, our First 
Amendment rights are being trampled on."

Even more tragic is that self-proclaimed leftist leaders such as 
Benjamin – a founder of the trendy-lefty Global Exchange, as well as 
"Code Pink," a women's antiwar group, and a former Green Party candidate 
–are supporting Kerry, sliming Nader, and basically taking the CPUSA 
"united front" line of Anybody But Bush. No, Ms. Benjamin doesn't 
deserve to be put in a concentration camp: nobody does. But she does 
deserve a pointed reminder that Iraqi lives are valuable, too. Sadly, 
the necessity of such a reminder underscores the imperialist arrogance 
that pervades our political discourse, and can infect even the "antiwar" 
movement of an imperialist country.

full: http://www.antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=3189


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