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NG> It is sad to recognize that Van Kol's was, in the end, the position
NG> that adopted not only most Western European Social Democrats, but the
NG> working class of those countries as such.

   "The working class 'as such' is just exploitable material." (LD).

   Besides that, your assertion is quite an accusation, and it can't  
be proven. How can "the working class as such" adopt a political  
position? There can only be majority or minority political currents  
being based on the working class, but "the working class as such" has  
no decision making bodies to adopt or reject a political program or  

NG> It should not surprise anybody that the most vocal of the
NG> defenders of colonialism in the Congress had been a Dutchman.

   This statement needs to be explained. It doesn't make sense to me.

   There have been enough other representatives of parties in  
countries with large colonies, not only the Netherlands (Indonesia),  
but also Belgium (Congo), England, France, and Germany.

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