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c> It seems a little anomalous that with all the discussion of "failed
c> revolutions" on this list, no one (unless I missed something?) has
c> commented on the July-August issue of MR devoted to the question "What
c> happened to China's socialism", featuring a monograph-length article
c> "China & Socialism: Market Reforms and Class Struggle", by Martin
c> Hart-Landsberg & Paul Burkett.

   Well I for my part have never seen a single copy of this magazine.

c> Anybody who still parrots nonsense like "We must defend Socialist
c> China" needs to confront this in-depth demolition of the fairy tales.

   I'm not so much interested in "isms" of any kind.

   I just observe that China is making gigantic leaps forward in the  
development of its productive forces, and does this as an independent  
player on the (capitalist) world market.

   This is possible, in my view, only because of the gigantic  
revolution from 1949-1953 which took China out of the direct rule and  
exploitation of all imperialist powers, which had fought for one and a  
half centuries to get all of China in their hands -- starting with the  
English Opium Wars, which broke away Hong Kong and forced China's  
bordes open to the opium production in the British colonies, over the  
'Boxer revolt' at the beginning of the 20th century, until the  
Japanese invasion and the US war to grab the whole Pacific Ocean and  
all of China.

   This revolution assured China's independance and national unity.  
Whatever the quite often treacherous policy of its leadership, it was  
quite an important factor for the liberation struggles of colonies in  
Asia and Africa.

   Based on these achievements, China is now making big strides to  
take up the place in world production and consumption which it is due.

   I'm very satisfied to see this.

   That this development is coupled with the increase of great social   
inequalities within China, is another question, which the Chinese  
themselves will have to settle.

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