[Marxism] Israel Asper, Dan Freeman-Maloy and Sovietology

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Mon Jul 26 19:59:43 MDT 2004

By Macdonald Stainsby

Dan Freeman-Maloy was summarily and without due process suspended from all
campus activity at York University in Toronto last April. The nearly
graduated, high-marks-earning  22 year old was charged with using a
megaphone on campus (many other students were doing this, including
Zionist-supporters). When Freeman-Maloy (a Jewish student who opposes
Zionism and supports Palestinian rights) asked York University President
Lorna Marsden (a Zionist and converted-through-marriage Jewish woman) for
an appeal, the decision was said to be final-- interpreting that she could
determine the suspension unilaterally and that no appeal could be granted.
"Unauthorized sound amplification device", indeed! Well, Freeman-Maloy
wasn't about to let his name become one of irony. He took the university
to court.

The whole rant:

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope.

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