[Marxism] Fidel Castro's Speech July 26, 2004 (text)

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Mon Jul 26 22:34:25 MDT 2004

Fidel Castro has been giving public speeches for
over fifty years, but this has to be one of his
most distinctive and unusual. As announced ahead 
of time, this speech featured Fidel Castro's reply
to George Bush's speech of July 16 during which
he accused Cuba of child sexual trafficking and 
Fidel quoted the Bush allegations as reported in
the international media at some length prior to
dissecting Bush's claims in detail. It's much
too long for the Marxmail list, but here are
a few highlights followed by three short notes
on it from Cuba's Prensa Latina agency. This
speech was delivered from a written text.

The Cuban leader, taking off from the works of 
a wide range of US scholars, discusses the state 
of George W. Bush's mental health, his alcoholism
and the implications of these for his ability to
perform his job as Commander-in-Chief of the most
powerful nation in the world. Fidel's principal
source is the work of the psychiatrist Justin A.
Frank, M.D., psychoanalyst and also professor of
psychiatrist at George Washington University 
Medical Center in Washington, D.C., whose study,
BUSH ON THE COUCH, Inside The Mind of the President
(HarperCollins, June 2004) you can learn about here:

You can see from all this how carefully Cuba's 
Fidel Castro studies the vast literature developing 
about the Bush presidency, its close ties with the 
ultra-right wing of the Cuban exile militants as
well as Christian fundamentalists. He quotes more
than one US writer and scholar, including former
White House anti-terrorism chief Richard Clarke 
later Michael Moore's discussion of whether Bush
is illiterate, in questioning the US president's 
ability to perform his functions. It will be most
interesting to see how this is covered in the US 
and foreign press, since they usually avoid any 
mention of his principal themes. Probably they'll
say he attacked the US president "personally" and
not that he analyzed Bush's behavior based on the
works of professionals who have studied his odd
behavior carefully.

He even ended his remarks without the usual 
"Patria o muerte! Venceremos! (Homeland or death! 
and We Will Win!), replacing them with "Long Live 
The Truth! and "Long Live Human Dignity!" For your
convenience, you may wish to print this one out.

Available on the Cuban government website here:

Also posted in the FILES section of CubaNews list
under Fidel Castro Speeches:


Cuban President Rebuts US Allegations on Sexual Tourism in

Santa Clara, Cuba.- Cuban President Fidel Castro bluntly
rejected allegations Monday that his country promotes
sexual tourism and said they have resulted from president
George W. Bush´s fundamentalist thinking. In a ceremony
marking the National Rebelliousness Day in this city, 169
miles east of Havana, Fidel Castro said Bush based his
allegations, made during a speech in Tampa July 16, on a
research by a college student and accused the White House
of distorting the student's work (something recognized by
the student himself). So -said Fidel Castro- a basic fact
about Cuba is anything Bush imagines, regardless of the
reality. This is exactly the kind of fundamentalist
approach the US President constantly resorts to,
considering that arguments, facts, reasonings and realities
are useless and favouring instead his own mindset on any
given issue, he added. The Cuban President warned that many
in the world may fall victims of US lies, and went on to
stress that many in poor countries know what the Revolution
really is and where it stands in its devotion to all
children's education and health.

Hatred and Blindness Drive US Anti-Cuban Policy, says Cuban

Havana.- Cuban president Fidel Castro Monday lashed out at
the US president’s erratic behaviour, widely citing Justin
Frank´s book "Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the
President", which documents Bush as an alcoholic. The Cuban
president mentioned some passages of the book by the chief
of George Washington University’s Psychiatry Department, as
supporting evidence that Bush may be suffering from
paranoia and megalomania. Fidel Castro was referring to
recent US sanctions against the Island and Bush's
statements during a speech in Tampa on July 16, when
accused Cuba of promoting sexual tourism. Fidel Castro
bluntly asserted that Bush and his close advisors made
hasty allegations to justify the atrocious measures taken
against Cuban-Americans in the US, who have links with
their close relatives in Cuba. The Cuban leader noted that
such measures could not politically favor Bush in the State
of Florida, where option of a punishment vote is gaining
momentum among thousands of Cuban-Americans. He went to on
to assert that hatred and blindness have been the leading
force driving the current US administration to take stupid
and immoral decisions, under pressure by the terrorist
Mafia-like groups that served Bush a rigged victory, with
one million votes less than his rival all over the nation,
and a meagre 537 vote-advantage in Florida.

Cuban President Foretells Vote Against Bush

Santa Clara, Cuba.- Cuban President Fidel Castro foretold
on Monday a vote against US President George W. Bush in
November by Cuban-Americans affected by the White House's
newly-tightened measures against the Island. In his speech
at the ceremony to mark National Rebelliousness Day, the
Cuban leader said that Bush imposed those measures out of
hatred and blindness. Among those steps, Cuban-Americans
may only visit their very close relatives in Cuba for 14
days every three years. In relation to allegations of
sexual tourism in Cuba Bush made during a speech in Tampa
on July 16, the Cuban president said they are part of
hastily fabricated lies in order to justify the actions
against Cuban residents in the US. He said that, as a
result, the idea of a vote against Bush in November is
gaining momentum among thousands of Cuban-American.

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