[Marxism] Michael Moore defends Kerry's vote in favor of war

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Tue Jul 27 07:38:13 MDT 2004

'Fahrenheit 9/11' fans welcome hero to hotbed
By Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe Staff  |  July 27, 2004

The man of the hour was more than an hour late.

A group of veterans and soldiers' families waited for Michael Moore in a 
North End park yesterday, chatting, eating pizza, checking their 
watches. The bomb-throwing filmmaker had been due at 11, and they were 
all looking forward to meeting him, and to thanking him for his movie 
''Fahrenheit 9/11." The film had gotten the antiwar message out to 
millions of people, they said.


He had come to town during the convention, Moore said, ''to encourage 
Democrats to have a backbone." He was not endorsing politicians, he 
said, though he did defend presumptive nominee John F. Kerry's vote in 
favor of war in Iraq. (Moore argued that Kerry was betrayed by what 
Moore calls the Bush administration's false case for war.)



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