[Marxism] John Kerry is Al Gore 2004, He and His Wife Are Whores

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 07:40:15 MDT 2004

John Kerry is a loser.  Anybody who watched The Bill, Hillary,and Jimmy 
Carter Show last night should be able to recognize that the Democrats have 
resurrected the zombie soul of Al Gore for their 2004 program.  The DP 
liberals have a piece of unadulterated shit for both candidate and platform.

Anybody But Bush is in reality a program for Nobody But Bush.  There is 
absolutely no reason for any person with a semblance of a brain to vote for 
such milquetoast crap.  It is despicable and pathetic to see 'intellectuals' 
like Moore, Solomon, and Chomsky trying to convince the 'average American' 
that they need to go out and motivate themselves to see some difference 
between the DP and RP.  They are trying to tell the more intelligent 50% of 
workers that their better instincts lie to them, and that there is a BIG 
DIFFERENCE, and that life will be worse for them if they don't get snorkled 
into giving a damn for Kerry?  Nobody believes in it, not even Sweeny, the 
head of the AFL-CIO.  So why do these 'leaders' shame themselves by going 
through all the ritual motions of debasing themselves so?

What makes a Michael Moore, an Arriana Huffington, or a Molly Ivins so 
desperate as to be the center of the beaten compromised set, over and over 
again?  This is not how one gains respect for one's political program.  It's 
Kick Me, I'm a Liberal stuff, not pragmatism.  Quite simply, Kerry will 
lose, because the Democrats have set themselves up as The SuckAsses.  And 
the radicals that follow are the suckasses of the SuckAsses.

It's just the most patheic defeatism possible.  And those on the Left that 
have played up to this charade this time and once more again, hopefully will 
soon be left behind in the future.  If not, no progress is possible within 
American politics.   People will remember their preaching as the preaching 
that put Bush into office for a second term, whether it is Bush or Kerry 
that actually wins the stupid race.  'Leftism' that can demean itself and 
its prinicples so much as to be a part of the Democratic Party Mobilizing 
(or is it demobilizng committe?) Committee is absolutely worthless to the 
working class, or any segment of it. This bears repeating over and over 
again.  It is the 'Leftism' of morons.

Tony Abdo

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