[Marxism] MSNBC on Fidel's latest speech

Mallard Q. Duck mqduck at sonic.net
Tue Jul 27 11:48:38 MDT 2004

Some of you may be pleased to know that MSNBC's article on "Castro's 
answer to Bush" not only didn't accuse Fidel of immature personal 
attacks on the U.S. President, but more or less reported that he was 
right - that Cuba isn't a "haven" for prostitution. It even ends by 
saying "[Wayne Smith, senior fellow at the Center for International 
Policy and Veteran Foreign Service] is among the Cuba-watchers who 
believe that Bush’s strident policy is designed to capture the Cuban 
American vote this November in the critical state of Florida."

Is it at all possible that Fidel Castro's "answer to Bush" might 
actually be successful in sending it's message to populations abroad, 
including this one? And would Bush be able to get away with his lies if 
he didn't already have his reputation as a liar? Would Kerry get away 
with it more?

-Jeffrey Piercy

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