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> www.icaao.org
> International Coalition of Academics Against Occupation (ICAAO)
> The Assassination of Iraqi Intellectuals
> The International Coalition of Academics Against Occupation (ICAAO) is a
> global movement of organizations and university professors, college
> educators, teachers and intellectuals from all over the globe who demand
> end to the military occupation in Iraq, Palestine, and elsewhere.
> We seek to hold governments and multinational corporations accountable for
> the systematic abuse of the rights of human beings; the establishment and
> access to secular institutions of learning and knowledge; and aim to
> the condition for non-dominative and non-coercive forms of power and
> knowledge to be equitably and fairly distributed to all human beings,
> regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality or religion.
> We are a growing and global group of intellectuals who demand the
> reconciliation of the seeming irreconcilable through the open and free
> dissemination of knowledge about the past and present in order that
> achieves what it is truly capable of achieving humanely in this world, and
> in no other.
> Professor Andrew N. Rubin
> Director of the International Coalition of Academics Against Occupation
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> If you are an academic or intellectual and are against the IRAQ
> Occupation... Read the statement below and if you agree with it please
> UP...
> To sign the Iraq Statement please email your name and relevant information
> to:
> arubin at icaao.org
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> The International Coalition of Academics Against Occupation (ICAAO)
> Iraq Statement
> Even after the 'transfer of authority' the U.S. Government remains in de
> facto military occupation of Iraq. The idea that the escalation of
> can be put to an end by the 'interim' government, while 140,000 U.S troops
> remain in control of major Iraqi cities like Mosul and Baghdad, is far
> the reality on the ground.
> Overlooked by the U.S. Press is the escalating assassination of Iraqi
> academics, intellectuals, and lecturers. More than 250 college professors
> since April 30, 2003, according to the Iraqi Union of University
> have been the targets of assassination. Among the 250 professors
> assassinated to date include: Muhammad al-Rawi, President of Baghdad
> University (July 27, 2003); Dr. Abdul Latif al-Mayah a Professor of
> Political Science at Baghdad's Mustansiriya University (late January
> Dr. Nafa Aboud, a Professor of Arabic Literature at the University of
> Baghdad; Dr Sabri al-Bayati; a Geographer at the University of Baghdad;
> Falah al-Dulaimi, Assistant Dean of College at Mustansariya University;
> Hissam Sharif, Department of History of the University of Baghdad; and
> Professor Wajih Mahjoub of the College of Physical Education.
> Whoever is responsible for these targeted assassinations, the U.S. and its
> Coalition of Allies (the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, the Ukraine, the
> Netherlands, Australia, Romania, Bulgaria, Thailand, Denmark, El Salvador,
> Korea, Honduras, Japan, Norway, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Latvia,
> Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Albania,
> New Zealand, Macedonia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and, until recently, the
> Philippines)-all of them commanding and controlling the ongoing de facto
> occupation of Iraq-bear an international responsibility and obligation to
> protect civilians living under occupation and who are protected by the 4th
> Article of the Geneva Convention.
> The Geneva Convention, which the U.S. and others nations have signed
> reservation, holds all occupying authorities responsible for the condition
> pertaining to the lives of Iraqi intellectuals, professors, and civilians
> all types, including the further undermining of the already sanctioned and
> utterly destroyed system of education in Iraq. We, the undersigned,
> the killing of professors, intellectuals and other civilians, and urge a
> full Congressional investigation into the circumstances that led to the
> ongoing, systematic and targeted assassination of Iraqi intellectual,
> academics, and professors. According to Union of Iraqi Lecturers, if "the
> stream of assassinations" continues Iraqi Colleges and Universities will
> left without a qualified teaching staff.
> List of Signatories:
> http://www.icaao.org/signatories.html
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> http://www.icaao.org/

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