[Marxism] "The Democrats ... will pull down our posters" --Peter Camejo

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Jul 27 16:34:18 MDT 2004

Peter Camejo was the Socialist Workers Party candidate for Mayor of 
Berkeley in 1967, running against antiwar activist Jerry Rubin and a 
Republican (who won). When we saw a conservatively dressed man tearing 
down one of our campaign posters, we were sure that it was a cop. We 
took down the license plate number and then took a photograph of the 
unmarked car in the police parking lot and had it published in  the 
Berkeley Barb, the local underground paper.

The next night Ken Shilman and I went out with more posters and a small 
step ladder. I got on the top of the ladder and Ken, who was 6'5", 
simply stood there. Together we covered Berkeley with our posters. This 
time they stayed up.

from Brian Shannon

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