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Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 19:36:16 MDT 2004

It's the same police state at Boston as will be at New York, yet none of the 
liberal-radical-DP kiss assers seems to mind much?  There is little liberal 
call for Kerry to renounce the outside the convention environment, nor to 
renounce the inside ambience, either.  Radicals participating in making this 
charade possible are shameless with their silence.  Do they really consider 
that they are participating in a democracy when they call for voting for 
John Kerry?  Tony

Report from a Boston Demo
Arresting the Curious

Boston, July 25, 4 pm

Half-an-hour ago, around 3:30 pm, plainclothes Secret Service pulled a 
Mid-Eastern looking fellow out from the permitted demonstration as around 
1,000 antiwar protesters marched past a check-point, and arrested him.

A crowd of around 25 people followed the police through an alleyway that 
opened onto a large mall, where the "detained" person sat on a stairway 
hands cuffed behind his back, surrounded by police.

While the crowd chanted, "This is racial profiling" and "let him go", a 
lawyer for the demonstration, John Pavos, arrived, but was not afforded much 
time and no privacy to talk with the arrestee. The police maintained at 
first that he was not under arrest, but that if he'd allow them to take his 
picture they'd run in through their computers and let him go. He allowed 
them to take his picture. A few minutes later the police decided not to let 
him go.

What was the crime? Police spokespeople say he was arrested for walking past 
a checkpoint and looking around "a little too curiously." The fact that we 
were ALL looking around curiously at the enormous fencings surrounding the 
Fleet Center where the Democratic National Convention begins tomorrow did 
not seem to matter to the police, who were clearly under orders from federal 
officials. The person -- who to me appeared like any Graduate Student at the 
New School in NY -- was detained solely because of his Middle-Eastern 
appearance, male and bearded.

He was taken to a nearby police center to be questioned by the Secret 
Service. A reporter for Binghamton IndyMedia recorded the whole thing on 
camcorder, and will shortly be up on the web.

The demonstration itself was very vibrant and full of energy, challenging 
both parties' support for the war against Iraq and decimation of the Bill of 
Rights. I carried a sign -- one of many -- that said "Expose the Truth about 
9-11", and was interviewed on NY 1, for any New Yorkers interested in 
checking it out. I was also interviewed on Japanese television, in which I 
began by saying "The Democratic Party is the Roach Motel of Politics; the 
progressive people go in, and they never come out."

The press were mostly focused in their questions about the potential for 
violence by the demonstrators. I told them that as a participant in Chicago 
in 1968 and Seattle in 1999, and many antiwar protests in between, that it 
has generally been the police and the government that initiated violence, 
clubbing people, teargassing them, shooting them with electric stun guns, 
and so forth. It is the government and military that are bombing the hell 
out of Iraq and other countries, not the protesters, and the same people 
that are committing the violence abroad are perpetrating it here at home, 
while orchestrating fear and mass hysteria to put into place fascist 

Just also got word that they just evacuated the building at Staples due to 
suspicions of some package that they found. (Nothing, of course.) All done 
to perpetrate panic.

While the demonstrators stood around the police chanting "Let Him Go," a 
group of Bostonians stood on top of the steps and counter-chanted: "Let's go 
Red Sox."

"Go Reds, Smash State," I muttered (secretly rooting for the NY Yankees, who 
are here at Fenway Park this afternoon).

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