[Marxism] "Monde Selon Bush"--Anybody seen this one?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Jul 27 20:19:04 MDT 2004

>Subject: "MondeSelonBush" French F9/11 
>Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 17:27:11 -0500 
>From: David Slavin [mailto:dhslavi at emory.edu] 
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>To: French History discussion group 
>Subject: "MondeSelonBush" French F9/11 
>To H-France: 
> From two contributors to the listserve of the Cinema Studies Caucus on

>Class, I pass along this information about a French-made Farenheit 9/11

>-type documentary with some information about how to purchase copy. 
>David Slavin 
>from Catherine Benamou: 
>Hot off the screen in France: Le Monde Selon BUSH (The World According 
>to Bush), dir. Wi! lliam Kagel, feature-length doc that will probably 
>*never* be shown here (it's much more incriminating and investigative
>Saudi-Bush ties than F911, also opens up question of Xtian Right and 
>extreme Zionism). A damning montage of testimonies from people within 
>the institutional and corporate power elite (i.e. not aimed at mass 
>audience -- no sound bytes) including Richard Perle, the CEO of Carlyle

>Group, and other cronies, along with counterarguments from Sandy
>et. al. Minimal v-o narration. I.e. a Latin-style approach. 
>Anyone interested? I'd be happy to pursue this with producers. 
>best of summer to all, 
>catherine benamou <cbenamou at umich.edu
>from Richard Porton: 
>An English language DVD of "Le Monde Selon Bush" is available in France

>(I have a friend who bought it on a recent visit.) It could probably be
&g! t;ordered on line from either FNAC or the French version of amazon,
R. Porton 
>rporton at mindspring.com 
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