[Marxism] The Corporation

Jack F. Vogel jfv at bluesong.NET
Tue Jul 27 20:52:39 MDT 2004

 I am anxious to see this, it doesnt open in Portland
until 8/6, however its sad that the best they can do
to 'get involved' is appeal to vote, and talk about 
some "global referendum against corporate power",
reformists just never seem to get it. Its kinda like
that moment in 'Dune' where Paul Atreides realizes
the identity of the worms and the spice...

"The state IS the corporations"... and the sleeper
has awoken ... yes Paul (his father would say) what
we need is militant people power, not that old
imperial voter power :).

Sorry, doing my wannabe-Zizek schtick :),


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