[Marxism] SEIU Pres. Remarks Amplify Call for a Million Worker March on Washington October 17th

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Tue Jul 27 23:01:05 MDT 2004

Please note: The Million Worker March scheduled for October 17, 2004 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC already has the endorsement of the USA’s largest union, the National Education Association with 2.7 million members.  Mr. Andrew Stern, president of the USA’s second largest union, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU with 1.6 million members)  public comments lend support to an independent empowerment of the working class, seperate from the Democratic party; ndependnet of John Kerry, as well.  


We can only hope that through communication and dialogue all endorsing and sympathetic community, religious and union organizations including the State of North Carolina’s AFL-CIO, various Central Labor Councils, dozens of individual union locals, IAC, Answer, Global Exchange and others will be able to coordinate and execute a successful start for a new, independent political movement for working class empowerment.  Please spread the word, help us organize and DONATE TODAY! www.millionworkermarch.org


-Douglas MacDonald

Outreach Committee Million Worker March, ILWU Local 10



(Please forward to e-mail lists and contacts far and wide)


Unions might be better off with Kerry loss, leader says




By David S. Broder, Washington Post  July 27, 2004


Breaking sharply with the enforced harmony of the Democratic National Convention, the president of the largest AFL-CIO union said yesterday that both organized labor and the Democratic Party might be better off in the long run if Senator John F. Kerry loses the presidential election.



Andrew Stern, head of the 1.6-million-member Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, said in an interview with The Washington Post that both the party and its longtime ally, the labor movement, are "in deep crisis," devoid of new ideas, and working with archaic structures.


Stern contended that another four years of Bush policies might be less damaging than the stifling of needed reform he said would occur if Kerry becomes president.

Stern's dissatisfaction with the AFL-CIO and the Democratic Party is not new, but his decision to voice his frustration on the opening day of a carefully scripted convention was an unwelcome surprise to Kerry's convention managers, who had been proclaiming their delight at the absence of any internal conflicts.


Speaking of the effort to create new political and union organizations, Stern said, "I don't know if it would survive with a Democratic president," because Kerry, like Bill Clinton, would use the party for his own political benefit and labor leaders would become partners of the new establishment.


"It is a hollow party," Stern said. Later in the day, John Sweeney, AFL-CIO president, said Stern's attitude "is not justified." Sweeney said the process of change is already underway within labor. "I'm optimistic about the future of the Democratic Party," he said.

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