[Marxism] How does this convention-circus work?

Lueko Willms l.willms at jpberlin.de
Wed Jul 28 09:14:28 MDT 2004

   The media -- especially CNN-International -- are shoving tons of  
footage from the convention of the Democratic Party of the USA in  
Boston unto me, and I'm again amazed.

   During the previous US-presidential election period, I found out  
that those 'conventions' have a producer, just like a film, a TV show  
or a Broadway musical, and probably an executive producer, assistant  
producer, plus music designer, stage and hall construction designer,  
and what have you to produce a big show.

   CNN is telling me which personalities are scheduled to speak and  
when, and then they show footage from the floor where the people wave  
enthusiastically signs special to this speaker.

   What I don't see and hear about is that anybody from the delegates  
(are there real delegates?) takes the floor and speaks to the other  

   I get the impression that there is absolutely no room for this. Am  
I right? It looks rather like a big rally streched over several days.

   And I would also not be surprised that the so-called delegates do  
not even cast a single vote, but are only there to give some glamour  
to the coronation of the candidate who has earned that place by the  
money he has invested in his campaign.


   BTW, this morning I heard that there are 5 times as much people  
from the press and other media at the 'convention' than there are  

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