[Marxism] I Love Teresa, I Love Cash and Kerry!

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 10:33:49 MDT 2004

It was kind of like an American version of hordes of Chinese waving Mao's 
Little Book in praise of a great helmsman.  I am referring to the spectacle 
of hordes of fat cats and fools waving signs with 'I Love Kerry' written 
large upon them, at the DP convention last night.  And then came the leaden 
vampire Queen Heinz herself, as she talked about how evil Apartheid was, and 
how inspiring women could be.  This coupled with platitudes about making 
America great again, and much other tweedledee-tweedledumb talk.  Cut to 
adoring chunky smiles of adoration from those at the rave.

It's clear that the Democrats have a presidential team with 3 losers on it, 
and not just two.  Especially horrifying were the photo shots of the portly 
Madelyn Allfright and Fallen Prince, Al Gore, in the background, behind the 
bomb proofed glass.  America does have a choice; Clintonism or Reaganism!

Watching this perversion on tele could only have led many Christians into 
talking in tongues, and turning to the more spiritually inspiring team of 
Cheney and George, with new born fervor to get tough against the horrors of 
godless liberalism.  I even began to fantasize Laura Bush to be sexually 
stimulating in contrast to the Democratic feminine imagery before me.  And I 
began to hallucinate that Ronald Reagan's kid was dancing nude at the 
ceremony.  Gala, gala, gala... it was.  A delirious fog.

In short, vampiric parties can cause strange cognitive trips that should 
cause Michael Moore to worry about his 2004 efforts being all in vain.  The 
image of tough gal Teresas versus tough guy Dick in the ring together, with 
their tag team partners trying to illegally tag in, or to flim-flam the 
referee, makes all seriousness impossible this November.  Only in America, 
can one feel that one is a participant at a carnival, yet engaged in the 
thrill of choosing at Walmart the bare necessities of life in the most 
frugal manner.  It's an all you can eat buffet of political nonsense for us 
all in 'the coming period' (TM 4th Int.).  And I vote for Laura, not Teresa. 
  Teresa should buy Mozambique, because all the money in the world can't 
sell her to America.  And even women will want to swing with Curious George 


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