[Marxism] Fixing loooong line problem

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 28 12:02:04 MDT 2004

> How can I post items to the list that will appear in regular formatting rather than long, right-adjusted sentences that scroll off the page?  I frequesntly cut and paste using word.  I see you post many articles that appear normally.  How can I?
> -Douglas MacDonald

After finding out from Doug that he is posting from yahoo, I am offering 
the following instructions to resolve his problem. I am cc'ing the list 
just in case others want to solve the problem as well.

1. From the yahoo mail home page, select 'mail options', which will be 
to your far right.

2. In the 'mail options' page, select 'general preferences'.

3. In the 'messages' section of the 'general preferences' page, enter 
'72' as the value for Screen Width: (composing plain text mail).


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