[Marxism] The American Eugenics Movement

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Wed Jul 28 16:03:57 MDT 2004

Response Jim C: Thanks to Hunter for this discussion and presentation
along with the source citations. Indeed the U.S. and British Eugenics
Movements, along with the Alberta Sterilization Act of 1928, were direct
inspirations for the Nazi eugenics laws and policies--and the nazis so
acknowledged. Heavily involved in the U.S.--and British--eugenics
movements were Skull and Bones including the Harrimans, Prescott Bush,
George Herbert Walker. Later incarnations of the eugenics movement and
associated front groups like the Pioneer Fund have had heavy influence
from later Bushes, Skull and Bones, and associated front groups of the
Bones and other elitist societies.

For further info see http://www.aradicalblackfoot.blogspot.com Bush
Family, Skull and Bones, Nazis and Eugenics parts 1-4

Jim C.

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