[Marxism] PSL emerges from Workers World

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 28 21:19:08 MDT 2004

David Walters wrote:
> http://socialismandliberation.org/mag/
> The "Party for Socialism and Liberation" has emerged from the recent 
> split in the US Workers World Party. Above is their web site. It doesn't 
> seemed have effected a working relationship with International ANSWER, 
> which is a good thing, IMO. There is little posted on the web site that 
> would distinguish them from the WWP.

Especially this, unfortunately:

"To the question, what do revolutionaries do in non-revolutionary times, 
enin's answer was to build the party, to build the organization that can 
transform the revolutionary opportunity into a revolutionary victory. 
Build now, because if you wait, it will be too late. From Lenin's point 
of view, the entire reason for the party from the very beginning was 
preparation for the revolutionary opportunity."

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