[Marxism] John Edwards speaks

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 29 07:17:55 MDT 2004

When John is president, we will listen to the wisdom of the September 
11th Commission.  We will build and lead strong alliances and safeguard 
and secure weapons of mass destruction.  We will strengthen our homeland 
security and protect our ports, safeguard our chemical plants, and 
support our firefighters, police officers and EMT’s.  We will always use 
our military might to keep the American people safe.

And we will have one clear unmistakable message for al Qaida and the 
rest of these terrorists.  You cannot run.  You cannot hide.  And we 
will destroy you.

John understands personally about fighting in a war.  And he knows what 
our brave men and women are going through in another war—the war in Iraq.

The human cost and extraordinary heroism of this war, it surrounds us. 
It surrounds us in our cities and towns.  And we will win this war 
because of the strength and courage of our own people.

Some of our friends and neighbors saw their last images in Baghdad. 
Some took their last steps outside of Fallujah.  And some buttoned their 
uniform for the final time before they went out to save their unit.

Men and women who used to take care of themselves, they now count on 
others to see them through the day.  They need their mother to tie their 
shoe.  Their husband to brush their hair.  And their wife’s arm to help 
them across the room.

The stars and stripes wave for them.  The word hero was made for them. 
They are the best and the bravest.   They will never be left behind. 
You understand that.  And they deserve a president who understands on 
the most personal level what they have gone through—what they have given 
and what they have given up for their country.

To us, the real test of patriotism is how we treat the men and women who 
put their lives on the line every day to defend our values.  And let me 
tell you, the 26 million veterans in this country won’t have to wonder 
if they’ll have health care next week or next year—they will have it 
always because they took care of us and we will take care of them.

But today, our great United States military is stretched thin.  More 
than 140,000 are in Iraq.  Nearly 20,000 are serving in Afghanistan. 
And I visited the men and women there and we’re praying for them as they 
keep working to give that country hope.

Like all of those brave men and women, John put his life on the line for 
our country.  He knows that when authority is given to the president, 
much is expected in return. That’s why we will strengthen and modernize 
our military.

We will double our Special Forces, and invest in the new equipment and 
technologies so that our military remains the best equipped and best 
trained in the world.  This will make our military stronger so we’re 
able to defeat every enemy in this new world.

But we can’t do this alone.  We have to restore our respect in the world 
to bring our allies to us and with us.  It’s how we won the World Wars 
and the Cold War and it is how we will build a stable Iraq.

With a new president who strengthens and leads our alliances, we can get 
NATO to help secure Iraq.  We can ensure that Iraq’s neighbors like 
Syria and Iran, don’t stand in the way of a democratic Iraq.  We can 
help Iraq’s economy by getting other countries to forgive their enormous 
debt and participate in the reconstruction.  We can do this for the 
Iraqi people and our soldiers.  And we will get this done right.

A new president will bring the world to our side, and with it—a stable 
Iraq and a real chance for peace and freedom in the Middle East, 
including a safe and secure Israel.  And John and I will bring the world 
together to face our most dangerous threat: the possibility of 
terrorists getting their hands on a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon.


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