[Marxism] Vote for Kerry, the gullible candidate!

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Thu Jul 29 07:16:12 MDT 2004

Michael Moore justifies Kerry's vote for the invasion of Iraq
on the grounds that he "believed" George Bush just like "70-80% of our
fellow  Americans did."

Billy writes:
> The idea that Kerry was duped into Bush's war is ridiculous.  Scott Ritter
tried to show Kerry evidence about the nonexistant WMDs in Iraq to no avail.

Of course it's ridiculous.  To think that all of us, with no access to high
level government information could figure this out and Kerry can't, leads us
to conclude that either(1) he's too stupid to be president or (2) he agreed
with the Iraq strategy of deception and his policy, as has been pointed out
numerous times, will not be fundamentally different from the Bush policy.
And we know he's not stupid.


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