[Marxism] John Edwards speaks

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 08:02:01 MDT 2004

Yes, this was truly a repulsive performance.  The Kerry strategy is to have 
Edwards play the Southern Cracker version of Tony Blair to try to pull the 
meatheads away from the Bush camp.  If only Teresa can keep the women's 
front from folding, then Edwards might be able to pull some disgruntled 
military types into swinging states like North Carolina and Florida and 

This Kerry strategy is hanging the ABB out to dry looking truly foolish and 
servile.  Which they are of course.  MESSAGE to American workers?  The 
Leftists are truly pathetic wimps.  Someone with a video camera ought to 
start following Michael Moore around and asking him annoying questions.  He 
and Normon have become the spayed dogs of the DP, just like Molly and 
Hightower have always been, Texaswise.


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