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Interview with Palestinian-American Rapper Iron Sheik (aka Will Youmans)

| M. Junaid Alam and Will Youmans |

/Left Hook/ co-editor M. Junaid Alam recently got a chance to discuss
the political and personal with the radical Palestinian-American
activist and rap artist Will Youmans, who dons the moniker 'Iron Sheik'
in his clever and powerful music aimed against Israeli oppression of the
Palestinians - and more recently, the American occupation of Iraq.
Below, the Iron Sheik discusses the roots of his radicalization, how
music has helped him convey his politics, and the importance of
integrity, solidarity and resistance in the struggle for justice.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Reviews/AlamYoumans072904.html>

Check out Iron Sheik's website, www.ironsheik.biz
<http://www.ironsheik.biz>where you can support his work by picking up
his album <http://www.ironsheik.biz/purchasing.html>, and listen to some
of his tunes, including:

    * Leena2Memory: [Life of a Refugee]
    * The Oil Anthem <http://www.ironsheik.biz/Music/oilFINAL.mp3>
    * Olive Trees <http://www.ironsheik.biz/Music/olivetrees1.mp3>

Whoring for Israel - in Canada

| Macdonald Stainsby |

Living in the settler state of Canada, it's very much standard fare that
the discourse around Palestine and the Zionists would involve the
colonial mindset, and several racist assumptions. The Globe and Mail,
which of the two major national dailies is considered the "liberal" one,
offers this first sentence to an unsigned editorial article: "Israel has
long been the United Nations' favourite punching bag." The article is
entitled "The UN's blinkers", and after much that would seem predictable
to follow, we get this final sentence: "If the General Assembly really
wanted to advance the cause of peace, it would not be condemning Israel
for responding to terrorism. It would be condemning Mr. Arafat for
fomenting it." ^1

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Politics/Stainsby072904.html>

Taking out the Trash: Ayn Rand and The False God of Objectivism

| Dimitrije Kostic |

Objectivism is a nominal "philosophy" molded around the turgid,
unreadable novels of one Ayn Rand. The main characters of Rand's novels
extol the supposed virtues of selfishness, egotism, and capitalism. For
instance, John Galt, the protaganist of Atlas Shrugged, leads a strike
of intellectuals and the discord--resulting, of course, from the
subsequent slide into socialism--illustrates the central importance and
virtue of the industrialist class. This self-canonized high priestess of
Objectivism waves her wand, and confidently intones that, for example,
"city smog and filthy rivers...are not the kind of danger that the
ecological panic-mongers proclaim them to be." [1] Her flock of true
believers--typically white, wealthy, spoiled brats in college who've
never anything about capitalism not written by her--take their cue and
respond that "multiculturalism is racism in a politically correct
guise." [2]

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Culture/Kostic072904.html>

Black Power(less): The Decline of Black Politics in America

| Norman Kelley |

Politics, like capitalism, abhors a vacuum, which is what George W. Bush
created for John Kerry weeks before the Democratic National Convention.
President Bush declined an invitation to speak before the 95th NAACP
convention in Philadelphia, allowing Kerry to waltz in and tell the
African-American audience what it wanted to hear. (Bush chose a
friendlier convocation hosted by the Urban League.)

In what CNN called a “politically significant speech,” Kerry said he’d
be a “uniter” and would not divide the nation “by race or riches or by
any other label.” The Kerry campaign also promised to send in teams of
lawyers and observers to watch for Election Day problems like the funny
business that kept thousands of black votes from being counted in
Florida four years ago.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Politics/LAWeeklyreprint072904.html>

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