[Marxism] Thoughts on the DNC

Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Thu Jul 29 12:43:43 MDT 2004

The last week we've witnessed the disgusting spectacle of the type of 
stage-managed theatre that Dr. Goebbels would have been proud. One after the other, 
they've stood up to pronounce the intrinsic greatness of America, the heroism 
of her amred forces, and the boundless opportunites which have allowed them to 
go to college, to rise up and be successful. Out of their well-fed mouths 
spews the same disgusting rhetoric of individualism and talent being what this 
great country is all about.

What about those who aren't talented? What about the vast majority who've 
tried and tried but who haven't succeeded? Are they to be left to flounder and 

The underlying message which every speaker has proclaimed is this: 'Look at 
me. I'm rich. I'm a success. I've got a great family. You can have all this too 
if you vote for John Kerry and John Edwards.'

As if getting rich should be the prime objective of any human being. We know 
that to get rich in a capitalist society requires that others become and stay 
poor. And what of this message of rising from the masses? What about rising 
WITH the masses?

And they way they trumpet Kerry's Vietnam experience? One of the most brutal 
and immoral attacks, utilizing tonnes of bombs, chemical weapons and terror on 
a scale never seen in modern history, against a people whose only crime was 
to claim their right to self determination, and they brag about their leader's 
involvement. This is how depraved they are, how utterly devoid of principle or 
a basic humanity.

Edwards guaranteed peace and security for Israel. There was no mention of the 
plight of the Palestinians. This leaves us in no doubt that, if elected, 
Kerry's admin will continue the one-sided, egregious policy there which has left 
the Palestinians alone to struggle against the might of a military supplied and 
funded by the US ruling class.

There's been nothing on the death penalty, on the rights of immigrants, on 
the racist judicial and penal system. It's all been about being middle class or 
trying to get into the middle class, as if to be working class is something to 
be ashamed of and escape.

The alternative they offer is really no alternative at all.


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