[Marxism] Scot and working class communities

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 17:14:01 MDT 2004

Scot, there is an element of truth in your comments, but there is an element 
that if way off base.  Just because the Left should be in contact with 
workers in Dallas, is no reason to abandon having offices in New York or San 
Francisco.  Similarly, there is nothing at all wrong about having offices in 
the Mission and Hollywood.  Like as opposed to where?

The SWP went through this mindset once you have, too.  They found quickly 
that by just setting comrades into factories, and offices into the Black or 
Latino communitieshat this was no magic bullet at all.  This group started 
to abandon the idea of how important it is to have offices in central and 
trafficked places like the Mission and Hollywood, and soon had offices in 
the most stupid and out of the way communities.  Result, nobody from 
anywhere came to their offices!

Lesson, locating offices and comrades amongst workers, actually can be a way 
of avoiding contact with workers.  Paradoxical, right?

<< let's open an office in Hollywood or the Mission, both largely transient
communites, and let's call meetings, send out emails to people signed up at
prior demos and events.

It doesn't work, hasn't worked, and will not work. I know, because I've 
years doing it. You have to become ingrained in the oppressed and workers
communities and not just appear now and then to hand out leaflets. They must 
to know and trust you, that you offer an alternative which will improve 
lives and not just peddle abstract pronouncements about revolution and a
workers paradise in some nebulous future. Nor does asking someone whose life 
is a
daily struggle to make ends meet to come out against war and imperialism 
work either.

Look at the makeup of the progressive community at present. Where are the
workers in their thousands and tens of thousands? Where is the huge numbers 
African-Americans?  Scot>>

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