[Marxism] Call to Kerry to Join the New International Movement of Green Social Democracy

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Thu Jul 29 17:38:12 MDT 2004

This in a nut shell is how most Green Party people invision the movement as 
being.  They envision it as being Social Democracy for the New Millenium.  A 
Social Democratic Movement minus those embarrasing unions full of Archie 
Bunkers.   Tony

Published on Thursday, July 29, 2004 by CommonDreams.org
Green Votes
by Bill C. Davis

As the Boston convention climaxes and the need to usher the Bush occupation 
out of the White House is drilled into all hybridized Green/Democrats, a 
word now about election 2006 and local Green candidates running in 2004.

It is my intention to run for congress in 2006 from the fifth district of 
Connecticut under the Green Party banner. The cut and paste allegiance to 
the Democratic Party has its limit. The internal qualifying that is 
necessary to feel confident as a registered Democrat is troubling. To be 
anti-war; pro-gay marriage; anti-death penalty; pro-alternative energy and 
anti-special corporate interests is to be Green. As in a holistic approach 
to insuring prime health I sense a need to move toward the ideal after the 
experience of relief we hope will come when Bush is voted out of office.

If John Kerry is the beneficiary of this healthy rejection of Bush, then so 
be it. He will also be the beneficiary of a progressive and Green movement 
that must follow. There are 400 Green candidates running for mayoral and 
state representative positions this November. To elect these Green 
candidates will help Kerry join the evolution that he may even now be 
tempted to join and lead. If he isn't tempted to, the growing number of 
elected Green representatives will urge him to do so.

The movement of the Green Party as I read it now is to reconstitute 
representative government. As Boston is besieged with frantic donors wining 
and dining future policy makers one can almost hear the weary population 
calling for political decisions based solely on the common good. That kind 
of governance we have been deprived of for too long and to our peril. The 
chance of getting actual and genuine representation at this moment I believe 
is most likely to be achieved with Green candidates.

The Green Party is a global antidote to a global crisis. It embodies 
principles and values that have international, national and local resonance. 
As forces push to privatize and override sovereign rights and resources in 
many nations, the description of our government being of, by and for the 
people needs a newer prism through which we Americans can see and trust that 
description. I believe that prism for the years to come will be and is the 
Green Party.

The panorama of grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, economic justice, 
gender and racial equity, voter reform and nonviolence is the main thrust of 
the Green Party. Rather than weed through the two major parties and indulge 
in a litany of excuses, why not Green?

The money that goes in to both major parties is riddled with subtexts and 
price tags. If government can be defined as the projection of our highest 
consciousness in the service of the common good then creating a tether of 
questionable financial allegiances seriously compromises this definition.

Neglect, if not assault, of the common good is evident not only in shabby 
mass transit, pitiable rail systems, lack of alternative energy incentives, 
but rather poignantly it is evident in what seems to be an epidemic of 
degenerative diseases in this country. Why is that? What regulations are 
being lifted and bought off that allows invisible, insidious and toxic 
byproducts that give our wives, mothers and sisters breast cancer; our 
parents - Alzheimer's; our children - Autism. What is the price we the 
people pay, for a government bought and sold by those looking to be given 
free reign to make a killing?

One has to wonder if there was even a small percentage of the congress and 
the senate that was Green, how unanimous would the call to war have been? 
What kind of questions would an un-tethered Green representative have asked?

Yes - there should be a department of peace as Dennis Kucinich, the Democrat 
with a Green tinge suggested. Even though the Democratic party, to its 
credit, allowed Kucinich and Dean to present their visions to us, it won't 
or can't embrace their most important contributions and ideas.

There is nothing remotely flaky about a department of peace. It is in fact 
smart and practical as well as ideal.

As the great American artist Laura Nyro paraphrased the Old Testament in her 
rousing song - Save The Country - "In my mind I can't study war no more." If 
one can study war, conversely one can study peace - understand it as a way 
of life - make it a habit - encourage the habit of peace from the top.

Having the greatest military does not mean it needs to be used. In fact, the 
exquisite irony of having the most powerful military is that it almost makes 
it impossible to use. And as has been illustrated recently and painfully, 
using it in this powder keg world for questionable and shifting reasons has 
the opposite effect of what the military was created to do - protect. The 
Green party knew that before the vote to go to war.

Our government can be an instrument of peace. It can be a platform from 
which our consciousness and thinking are expanded. The Green Party makes no 
apologies for those pursuits.

A caller on C-span this morning said he supported Bush and his military 
actions because he felt that after 9/11 we needed "to show the world that we 
can be crazy." I think we need to show the world that we're sane. I believe 
the Green Party joining and being part of the representative forces of our 
country, on all levels, right now, will help to invite and restore that 

Bill C. Davis is a playwright – author of 'Mass Appeal', 'Avow' and the 
upcoming 'The Sex King' - http://www.billcdavis.com/

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