[Marxism] John Stewart nails the Democrats

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 29 21:37:40 MDT 2004

Just watched a hilarious 30 minutes of comic coverage of the Democratic 
Party convention with Stewart's sidekicks doing a kind of Ali G routine 
with delegates.

While listening to a woman identified as a "Kerry spokesperson" explain 
how Kerry had rallied the party, blah-blah, Stewart's reporter (a bald 
guy--don't know his name) began yawning ostentatiously. When asked him 
if she was boring him, he said without skipping a beat, "It's not you, 
it's just what you are saying."

After shaking James Carville's hand, another reporter, Richard Colbert 
(?) told him that he was great in "Slingblade".

The fact that this show is wildly popularly with young people gives me 
hope for the future.

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