[Marxism] John Stewart nails the Democrats

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Fri Jul 30 08:12:03 MDT 2004

It's not hard to confuse Carville with Slingblade since Billy Bob Thornton,
the lead in that movie, also played the Carville-character in Primary

On the media reaction to  the Sharpton speech, there was certainly an
underlying racism, but I wouldn't neglect the political bias. Sharpton
deviated -- probably quite consciously despite his public disclaimers --
from the informal ground rules imposed by the DLC leadership, which is to
avoid Bush-bashing from the podium and the floor so as to to project a
restrained and patriotic image calculated to attract undeclared voters and
moderate Republicans. The mediocre US media is customarily deferential and
protective of authority, uncritically endorses Kerry's conservative
electoral strategy, and is reflexively hostile to dissent, which Sharpton
happened to represent in this instance.

Say Sharpton had fallen into line with the upbeat two-step performed by the
other keynote speakers. Then suppose Micheal Moore (the real hero of the DP
activist base) had followed him to the podium and fired up the crowd with a
swinging attack on Bush. Wouldn't you agree the media wrath would have been
directed at Moore rather than Sharpton, skin colour be damned?

Marv Gandall

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> After shaking James Carville's hand, another reporter, Richard Colbert
> (?) told him that he was great in "Slingblade".
> ===
> Hahaha, that is too funny. I loved that movie, though, it was pretty
strange, too.
> When my dad listened to the Sharpton speech he was pretty pumped about it,
but as he
> flipped the channels and saw all the white talking heads fuming with
disapproval at the "uppity Negro",
> he himself began fuming that America is irretrievably racist and this
shows the true nature of America etc etc.
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