Fwd: [Marxism] The lesser evil--Help [for U.S. imperialism] Is on the Way

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 13:50:25 MDT 2004

Brian Shannon <Brian_Shannon at verizon.net> wrote: 
>[Forty thousand more troops; double the number of special forces; he 
>fought for "Old Glory"; and he will continue to occupy Iraq "because we 
>have to" (and to build permanent military bases)]

When arguing with pro-Kerry supporters on Iraq, ask them about the permanent military bases. Kerry say he doesn't want to "cut and run, but stay the course". What course? Reducing the legal minimum wage for Iraqi workers, doing away with housing and food subsidies for low income Iraqis, and restricting the rights of Iraqis to organize unions and political parties? Implementing a value added tax, and a flat rate income tax? Privatization of over 200 Iraqi firms, including banks?

Put Kerry's supporters on the spot and ask them to explain the difference between Kerry or Bush implementing a right wing economic agenda in Iraq. You would have already destroyed their argument without even having to venture into domestic issues. 

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