[Marxism] America´s Popular Front Against FASCISM and For National Rejuvenation

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Fri Jul 30 13:54:55 MDT 2004

There is a partial and incomplete listing of this Popular Front ´leaders´ 
per Ronnie Dugger below...  I would have added John Edwards and Teresa Heinz 
Ketchup to the list, too.  But I´m not ´progressive´, and Ronnie Dugger is.  
He is certainly considered the embodiment of a progressive.

And certainly Bill Gates should be on that list alongside George Soros.  And 
on Common Dreams today, Naomi Kline and Jonathan Schell plus Green Party 
theoretician, Marty Jezer, all added their voices to the cause.  They should 
be on the list.  Jezer even called for a ´new patriotism´which he said he 
was working with John Edwards with on that one!  He mentioned something 
about a Peace Corps or parks project and a new deal.  Edwards and and Jezer 
can pull Michael Albert more in on that one--- but what a downer all this is 
going to be though, when John Kerry splits with the whole crowd.  And 
supports George Bush´s new action soming soon to a military theater near 
you.  Oh well... and until then, we have unprecented unity out in left 
field, and center, too.

At least now Norman Solomon now is keeping a clear head and says that ´hope 
is not on the way´, and that is important to not forget about David Cobb and 
voting for him in a state or two.  And he is displeased with those that 
croon and swoon too easily over Kerry as they build the Front for National 
Unity Against the Christian Fascist Mullahs and George Bush.  All shall be 
embodied in the effort to get two corporate John´s into office... though 
pimps they are, really.  Norm says work hard in the next  less than 100 
days.  Later, though without hope, take a vacation...and it´s supposed he 
will.  We all can no doubt with George and Dick banished from the Homeland, 
though no hope will abound.

Despite this grand show of strength and stiff backbone from the Left, most 
Texas workers appear to still favor watching the Jerry Springer Show instead 
of watching the dark comedy brewing up as a storm around them.  The lack of 
Bush or Kerry bumpersticks on SUVs and pickups here in The Lone Star State 
can mean only one of two things.  Either the support for Bush even here is 
fading, or other than that it means everybody just don´t give a flying f... 
about the ´choice´.  And in our hearts, we know that Iraqis could not 
survive the sort of torture Americans are routinely exposed to.  And word is 
that Saddam´s health is worse under the American regime, too.  And we are 
just grateful to be alive, and able to shop at Walmart with what we earned 
through hard work.

We are offered salvation now, but not through Jesus Christ, but rather 
through a new patriotism and national popular front of liberal and 
´moderate´ unity.  But first, it is said that one must come together in the 
big tent of patriotism and speak in tongues not ever heard here before in 
Texas.  And the lambs must lie together in the grass with the wolves.  It 
shall be done, for the eye of the beast is upon us666.  Aw heck. Nobody here 
gives a hoot in the Coastal Bend.  We are a ´safe state´.


Published on Friday, July 30, 2004 by CommonDreams.org
Let's Act in the the Democratic Emergency
by Ronnie Dugger

We have the movement to do this, the organizations, and we have the living 
leaders. Who are these leaders? Let me call them out, just a few: Medea 
Benjamin, Julian Bond, Barbara Boxer, Noam Chomsky, Joan Claybrook, Chuck 
Collins, John Conyers, Kevin Danaher, Marian Edelman, Daniel Ellsberg, Amy 
Goodman, Doris Haddock, Tom Hayden, Jim Hightower, Molly Ivins, Jesse 
Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Jr., James Jeffords, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, 
John Lewis, Cynthia McKinney, Michael Moore, Barack Obama, John 
Passacantando, Chellie Pingree, Kevin Phillips, Carl Pope, Dennis Rivera, 
Bernie Sanders, George Soros, Howard Zinn- And you could easily come up with 
an entirely different list of them in ten minutes.

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