[Marxism] Poll predicts Chavez victory

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Fri Jul 30 21:36:23 MDT 2004

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*Poll predicts Chavez victory **

Saturday 31 July 2004, 1:57 Makka Time, 22:57 GMT *



*A new opinion poll is predicting a victory for Venezuela's embattled 
President Hugo Chavez in next month's recall vote.*

*According to the latest survey by private pollsters Hinterlaces and 
Keller and Company published on Friday, 45% of those queried said they 
would vote to keep Chavez in office.*

*Only 34% of the respondents said they would vote to oust him.*

*But the survey also found that 21% of those interviewed would not 
answer questions as to which way they would vote, underscoring the fact 
that the undecided voters could swing the balance either way.*

*Earlier this week, another opinion survey gave Chavez 49% backing to 
41% for the opposition. *

*If the conservative opposition is to oust Chavez on 15 August it needs 
to earn more than 3.7 million votes.*

**Neutral voters**


Analyst Alfredo Seller said that the key for the opposition is to pull 
in those voters who don’t approve of Chavez but are also not thrilled by 
the opposition.


*"If the opposition campaign manages to captivate neutral voters who are 
opposed to Chavez, he would be recalled although by a very thin margin," 
Seller said.*

*About 13.8 million registered voters are set to go to the polls on 15 

*Since the recall was set, Chavez has launched a strong campaign to 
crush his opponents, traveling all over Venezuela.*

*He has described his adversaries as 'the devil unleashed' and warned 
that on the day of the recall they will 'bite the dust'.


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