[Marxism] RE: Albert in Kerryland

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 31 00:04:28 MDT 2004

<<Not to sound like a Spart, but does anyone take this
guy, or ZNet, seriously anymore?

These are good questions.  I think that most liberal folk do take Znet 
seriously, just like they take the elections seriously.  I'm not so sure 
anyone takes Michael (or PARECON)
seriously, other than himself.

What's so bad about this DP copnvention stuff is that despite all the 
glaring evidence that there is still not a dime's worth of difference 
between the Republicans and Democrats, so many of the Left aristocracy (such 
as Albert) have felt themselves obliged to make the traditional loyalty oath 
to liberalism,  That being the mantra, that it is self evident that a Kerry 
presidency would be a quite major change for the better from Bush being in 

It's like the liberal progressive radical set have suffered mass amnesia in  
regards to how it really was while under Clinton.  What others remember, 
though, are Waco and Yugoslavia and the rise of Walmart and ManPower 'career 
opportunities' and the slide to health care in the ER.  And who can forget 
Clinton's escalation of the drug war and all the expanded police apparatus 
and prisons that came with it?  For Albert, the grand theoretician that he 
is, to posit that the Democrats are some sort of braking action for 
Reaganism/ Bushism runs totally counter to the history books.  But it runs 
perfectly well together with the standard national political mythology of 
the 2-party system supposedly being a kind of counerpositioning of 
themserlves constantly to each other. They are not, Michael.  They work 
together and this should be A-B-C to any conscious citizen inside the US 


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