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Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Sat Jul 31 06:41:24 MDT 2004

Hi Sander -- Looking forward to your report.  I know nothing about UFPJ's
funding.  I checked their Web site to see if they had any reportage, or
self-criticism, about their non-performance at the Boston Convention.
Neither.  At least the anarchists, or some from that crowd anyhow, are
grappling with the low protest turnouts and their failure to pull off the
"decentralized resistance" that they had been calling for.  See the frankly
self-critical "An Assessment of DNC Strategy and Organizing" and the more
positively-spinning "Boston Incubates Decentralized Resistance" and the
subsequent comments from others at http://boston.indymedia.org/


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> PieInSky-
> Loved your report...I'll be writing my own soon, too.
> I marched alongside you in that anarchic pirates and cops scuffle.
> One thing about UFPJ, though-are there any facts to support a rumor
> that they get some funding from the Dems?
> -Sander
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