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ZNet, July 30, 2004
Cuba and the Myth of the 'Independent Libraries'
by Lamrani Salim

According to its strategy of destabilization of Cuban society, the 
United States, in addition to financing and directing "independent 
journalists", and "human rights members" has created "independent 
libraries"(1). The main role of those organizations consists of carrying 
out a job of disinformation in the heart of the country, and in creating 
favorable conditions for weakening the nation, which is already in an 
extremely hostile geopolitical context. Those different splinter groups 
are shown in the international press as the nucleus of the future "civil 
and democratic society." The information transnationals still do not 
deign to give attention to the facts, however easily accessible and 
verifiable, preferring to talk about internal dissidence.

Created in 1998 by Mr. Ramón Humberto Colás Castillo according to the 
leadership of the United States Interest Section (SINA) in Havana, it 
thought that the "independent libraries" would give the illusion of a 
growing opposition against the Cuban government. The birth of those 
entities fits directly in the political maneuvering of the United States 
which consists of manipulating the reality of the island."(2) Indeed, 
those libraries should officially allow Cubans to have access to real 
independent information, but in reality they were propaganda groups at 
Washington's service.

Among the works provided by the Interests Section to those "librarians", 
reports were found written by the United States Department of State that 
supported the matter of human rights violations in Cuba, President 
Bush's speeches, as well as writings dealing with the functioning of 
American society. The Miami Herald and The Nuevo Herald newspapers 
considerably influenced by the extreme right Cuban exile community, also 
supplied the "librarians", as well as the literature produced by 
Florida's fascist constituents. They were in permanent contact with Mr. 
James Cason, head of the United States Interests Section in Cuba, and 
applied its guidelines in exchange for financial payment.(3) Mr. Cason 
arrived in Havana in September, 2002, was distinguished by his 
provocateur attitude, his interventionist statements and his public 
meetings with the "Cuban dissidence." (4)

The odd result was that none of the international press had raised 
logical questions. Independent libraries in Cuba? Perhaps Cubans do not 
have access to books? Let's leave ideological prejudices behind and use 

full: http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=54&ItemID=5960

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