[Marxism] Reply to Marty Jezer

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Sat Jul 31 11:45:22 MDT 2004

"I have conversations like this every damned day. A seemingly sane

person says they favor electing Kerry because of the war and the
environment and the lack of Republican commitment to social justice.

If you quote Kerry and the Democrats, they simply get angry and attack

That's because 99% of these people are frauds. The truth is that they don't give a fuck 
about the war, or the environment, or social justice, or any of that jazz. They tell you 
that these issues matter to them as a first-line reflexive defense tactic, hoping you're 
credulous enough to believe it. Once they realize you're not a retarded chimpanzee and 
have actually read the DP platform and Kerry's policy statements, 
(at the very least), the game is obviously up. 

Enter the second-line defense tactic: going wild-eyed, jumping up and down, gesticulating
in myriad ways how truly 'eeeeeeevil' Bush is, how dare you advocate anything that
would leave the "new Hitler" in power - this hyper exaggeration is a means of rationalizing
their own cowardice.

Frankly I am glad we have this problem. Now we can honestly and clearly identify the shit-eating 
servants who grovel and foam at the mouth with praise and pressure for backing the DP when the 
master rings the bell, while paying lip-service to radical leftist ideas when convenient. 
These people are not actually concerned with the fate of the marginalized or oppressed anywhere 
at all - they are just utterly embarassed to have someone as brazen and crude as Bush 
representing their interests and possibly fumbling them away.

I am glad to see this kind of polarization on "the left", because it sharpens and clarifies
the lines of the struggle and clears debris off the path that needs to be travelled to 
achieve victory in that struggle.

What was it "Historicus" aka Paul Baran said fifty years ago? Ah, yes, "Better Fewer But Better".

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