[Marxism] Reply to Marty Jezer

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Jul 31 12:21:19 MDT 2004

I think that being a socialist requires a certain amount of faith in the
democratic capacities of the people.  For that reason alone, I tend to
bristle at the characterization of the ABBs by M. Junaid Alam: "99% of
these people are frauds. The truth is that they don't give a fuck about
the war, or the environment, or social justice, or any of that jazz."

I'd suggest that if 99% of them actually didn't believe in such things,
they'd emotionally be wrapped up in the jingoist Republican pissing
contests with the rest of the world.  Rather, I think that we are
dealing with is the amazing ability of a civic culture to impose
blinders on people who, once wearing them, can't see their own blinders.

It is terribly frustrating because one doesn't know how best to
enlighten them.  In the end, each one has to find their own way.  

What I'm telling each of them at this point are two things:

1. You say you are practical in voting Democratic as a "lesser evil."
Over the many years you've done this, has this shaped a Democratic Party
more attuned to your views or less?

2. (looking at my watch or a calendar) Let us meet and discuss this
frankly one year from today.  At that point, you will have sufficient
data to see if there's any substance to the faith you wish me to

Patience and persistence is what's needed here.  We are dealing with the
biggest and more powerful empire in human history.  If it6s people were
not predisposed to support it without thought, it would have tumbled of
its own weight long ago.

Mark L.

PS: Paul Baran was an economist not a historian.  "Better Fewer but
Better" is the title of a piece by Lenin from 1923--a period after the
tide of world revolution had receded rapidly.

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