[Marxism] Re: file sharing and music: what's "reification"?

Ben C minnows at connexus.net.au
Tue Jun 1 04:13:27 MDT 2004

After just quickly reading Jurriaan's and José's responses, here are my 
initial thoughts.

1. I agree with heaps said by both.
2. Jurriaan has read a lot more than me on the topic and/or way too much 
on the topic.
3. José knows a lot too
4. I'll have to do some re-reading of your posts before I can reply with 
anything sensible in my own ideas (although I think at this stage, the 
notion of art as mere "collage" is something I already though -- more on 
this later)

5. *What is reification?* I tried to read Lukács "History and Class 
Consciousness" a while back but kept banging my head on this word. It's 
not in my dictionary (admittedly only a Pocket Oxford) . A cursory 
google did not turn up anything useful. Although the context the word is 
used in gives me a broad "feel" for it's meaning I feel I need something 
more precise.


Ben C

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