[Marxism] Did I strike a nerve? Put in my two cents & right away hit the jackpot?

DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Tue Jun 1 10:21:29 MDT 2004

Dear Dr. Paulsen: Flattery will avail you nothing. But I am so grateful  you decided not to quibble:) 

Since you seem to be an expert, could you be kind enough to explain exactly what is meant by the term "Democratic Centralism", and to show how this formula for organizational structure differs from that which is institutionalized in such bodies as the AFL-CIO, Teamsters Union, and most non-profit organizations, with their rubberstamp boards of directors and self-selected, self-perpetuating leaderships? 

Could you also explain, as a spokesperson for the WWP, how the version  of the "Party Rules" adopted by your organization has been adapted or updated to make impossible further fiascos like those we associate with names like Pol Pot, Deng Xiao Ping, the Bloque Popular, Slobodan Milosevic, the late Mr Andropov, and Mikhail Gorbachev? Or with such resounding successes as the CPUSA, PLP, RCP, LRS, & the National Guardian/Frontline "trend"?

Or perhaps you still don't consider the Deng takeover a fiasco? Does your WWP still maintain that US progressives "must defend Socialist China"? 

Perhaps you wouldn't mind clarifying one more point? Is there some connection between the Free Palestine Alliance and the famous Dr Habash, founder of the Kata'ib al-Fida al-Arabi, as well as the perhaps better known MAN?   

Thank you again for your gracious response:)


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