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To:  the Green Party National Convention 

The Greens Should Be in the Forefront 
of the Nader Campaign Coalition 

The Green Party National Convention 
Should Endorse the Nader Campaign 

The 2004 Nader for President campaign is developing 
as a broad coalition drawing support from across the 
political spectrum. In a March 24 letter to the 
Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United 
States, Ralph Nader wrote that he would welcome 
Green Party participation in the coalition and 
endorsement of the campaign: 

. "Should the national Green Party decide to endorse 
. my candidacy and have its members focus their 
. efforts on state and local races, then State Green 
. Party ballot lines and the participation of Greens 
. in a variety of ways would be mutually helpful." 

The signers of this statement agree with the above 
and are advocates of sustaining the effective, 
longstanding alliance between Ralph Nader and the 
Green Party. Nader's letter expresses a similar sentiment: 

. "I intend to use the platform of my candidacy to 
. advance many Green values and issues and will also 
. encourage serious state and local Green Party 
. candidates across the country. Together, in many 
. ways, we can expand the challenge to the corporate 
. governments and their political party proxies ... 
. We need to work synergistically." 

Nader's willingness to champion the cause of the Green 
Party by running as our presidential candidate in 1996 
and 2000, at a time when we were just beginning to get 
organized, enormously helped our growth. The 2000 
campaign established the Green Party in many states as 
the leading alternative party in the minds of voters 
and the press. 

This year the Nader campaign has the potential to unite 
those who want take a strong stand against the cash 
register/big money politics that are undermining public 
life in the United States. It would be a lost opportunity 
if the Greens were to ignore the national coalition forming 
around his campaign or to be viewed as running against Nader. 

He will be the only high-profile candidate advocating: 
- an end to the US occupation of Iraq; 
- large cuts in the military budget; 
- single-payer health insurance; 
- a living wage and labor rights reform; 
- repeal of NAFTA and GATT/WTO; 
- creation of jobs through rebuilding of public infrastructure; 
- tax system reform (ecological and progressive taxation); 
- open debates and full public financing of elections; 
- Instant Runoff Voting and proportional representation; 
- replacing nuclear power and foreign fossil fuel dependence 
. with domestic renewable energy sources. 

A Green Party candidate would also speak out on these 
issues, but as Greens approach our Milwaukee convention 
we find that there is not unity within the party for a 
candidate who could mount a serious challenge in the 
presidential arena. It will be the Nader campaign 
playing that role this year. If the Green Party is not a 
participant in the campaign coalition, the electorate 
will find it hard to understand why not. On the other 
hand, if Greens are its most prominent activists, many 
of those drawn to alternative politics through the 
campaign will find an organizational home in the Green Party. 

Ralph Nader, uniquely, has the ability to shake the 
foundations of the two-party system. Having been our 
standard bearer in 1996 and 2000, he is identified with 
the Greens in the public's mind. The appearance of 
Nader's name on as many state Green Party ballot lines 
as possible would be mutually beneficial. Therefore, the 
undersigned advocate that the Greens make a decision in 
Milwaukee to endorse the Nader campaign. This - along 
with focusing on state and local races - is our best 
option for unifying and growing the Green Party in 2004. 

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