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I think Tom Walker's comments on Hubbard were excellent.

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I recently heard an interview with David Goodstein, vice provost of
Caltech regarding his book, Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil.  He
claims that the Hubbard curve has been proven reasonably accurate for
any number of minerals, in addition to oil.  He claims that the curve
does seem to be holding fairly well for oil discoveries and that the
refutation of Hubbard typically revolves around the use of proven
reserves, which are very fuzzy.

Hubbard was a participant in the Technocracy movement -- a sort of
Veblenite organization that thought that engineers rather than the
market should organize society.  I don't doubt that he was concerned
with overpopulation; I wouldn't even be surprised if that concern were
not heightened by the thought of excess population of those peoples whom
he deemed less civilized.

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