[Marxism] Visitors Beware: Accenture's US-Visit Venture

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 12:14:19 MDT 2004

--- Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at osu.edu> wrote:
> The Department of Homeland Security awarded Accenture a contract -- 
> estimated to total $15 billion -- for US-Visit, a program for 
> "virtual borders" tracking entries and exits of all visitors to the 
> United States. . . .
> Apparently, the fact that Accenture -- formerly Andersen Consulting 
> of the Enron scandal notoriety -- is incorporated in Bermuda to avoid
> taxes did not prove an obstacle for the Department of Homeland 
> Security . . . In fact, Accenture is an industry leader in the art of
> finagling federal contracts even while dodging federal taxes . . .

Yoshie, Andersen Consulting was not the same as Arthur Andersen
accounting. Different company; I don't think they're even named after
the same guy. Accenture/AC is an IT consulting company, AA was an
accounting firm.

Accenture is well known for paying its employees less than they're
worth and never getting anything done. Maybe they and the feds deserve
each other. :)

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