[Marxism] Visitors Beware: Accenture's US-Visit Venture

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jun 2 12:22:49 MDT 2004

Adam Levenstein wrote:
> Yoshie, Andersen Consulting was not the same as Arthur Andersen
> accounting. Different company; I don't think they're even named after
> the same guy. Accenture/AC is an IT consulting company, AA was an
> accounting firm.
> Accenture is well known for paying its employees less than they're
> worth and never getting anything done. Maybe they and the feds deserve
> each other. :)

Actually, Yoshie is correct. Accenture was the consulting wing of Arthur 
  Anderson. The accounting wing went under after it was implicated in 
the Enron scandal, but the consulting wing continued after being 
renamed. They are here now at Columbia University in a big way, but I 
can't/won't say more because I want to play it safe.

I will say, however, that I worked with Arthur Anderson consultants at 
Goldman-Sachs and grew to despise them. These were snot-nosed kids with 
MBAs and power ties who really didn't know the first thing about 
building systems. But that didn't stop Goldman from paying $1000 a day 
for their services.


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