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WASHINGTON, DC—According to Gallup Poll results released Monday, 6 
percent of Americans are still undecided about whether to vote against 
President Bush or Democratic challenger John Kerry in November's 
presidential election.

"At first, I was really leaning toward voting against Kerry, because the 
way he tried to hide his ambivalence about his military service made him 
seem like a political operator," poll participant and Trenton, NJ 
resident Amber Barthelme said. "But then, the Bush Administration's 
mishandling of the Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal got me thinking that 
there's a lot to not like about the current administration. It's almost 
impossible to decide which side I don't want to be on."

According to the poll, 46 percent of the registered voters surveyed 
would vote against Bush if the election were held tomorrow, while 45 
percent said they were ready to vote against Kerry. Factoring in the 2 
percent margin of error, the two candidates are essentially deadlocked 
in the race to determine which candidate America doesn't support.

Researcher Jack Harmon, an analyst for the independent Beltway think 
tank the Dewey-Markham Institute, said these undecided Americans will be 
crucial in deciding the next election.

"As the messy occupation of Iraq drags on, Bush's approval rating 
continues to drop, strengthening the position of the anti-Bush voting 
bloc," Harmon said. "This trend is offset by the Bush camp's $80 million 
anti-Kerry ad campaign, which has cemented anti-Kerry sentiment in 
several key swing states. As the election approaches, it's becoming more 
and more difficult to determine the likely loser."

Harmon said voters are conflicted, wanting to cast environmental and 
antiwar votes against Bush, but wishing also to oppose Kerry's position 
on taxation.

"The two major parties face a tough struggle," Harmon said. "As the 
election approaches, both must convince undecided voters that the 
opposing party's candidate is worse than their own. As both parties take 
more moderate positions in an election year, it's getting harder to 
convince citizens that there's a reason to get out there and vote 
against anyone."

Brad Thomas, a Louisiana machinist, is one of many Americans who have 
yet to decide whom they'll vote against.

Above: Many voters are still deciding whether Kerry or Bush would be 
worse as president.
"I'd like to say I'm against Bush because he lied about weapons of mass 
destruction," Thomas said. "On the other hand, Kerry's lack of 
substantive positions really disgusts me, as well."

Tina Schalek, a Branson, MO theater manager, said she is also undecided.

"John Kerry's only virtue is that he hasn't been in a position to make 
any major mistakes," Schalek said. "On the other hand, I hate Bush's 
views on abortion. My only consolation is that a vote against either 
candidate is a vote against Nader."

In spite of such ambivalence among swing voters, surveys reveal that the 
majority of Americans have determined which candidate they will vote 

"It's time to trim the Bush from the White House," Akron, OH resident 
Doug Hamm said. "In 2004, it's time for Bush to get bushwhacked!"

Pressed to elaborate on his views, Hamm said, "To be honest, Kerry could 
be a guy with a paper bag over his head, for all I care. I'd vote for 
anybody as long as he wasn't Bush."

Karla Barr of Chicago had similarly strong opinions about Kerry.

"Kerry is a wishy-washy flip-flopper, changing his tune every time the 
wind blows," Barr said, repeating a phrase she'd heard on The Rush 
Limbaugh Show. "Can I trust a man who can't make up his mind about 
Communism? I don't think so."

Added Barr: "We have to remember how close the 2000 election was, when 
we voted against Gore. Actually, to be fair, when I voted against Gore, 
I was voting against Clinton."


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