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Nick Fredman sra at scu.edu.au
Wed Jun 2 22:18:37 MDT 2004

Thanks Shane that was helpful. On your point on American Psycho,

>>I don't know the scene but I assume that if he meant it in a 
>>Marxist sense that the executives compare
cards as a means of 'getting to know each other'  via the object 
which represents them when in fact
they are confronting each other as real people so in a human world 
they wouldn't need the cards<<.

The reviewer, a she (Meagan Spencer on JJJ, usually a reliable judge 
of films), I think was talking about fetishisation in a fairly 
explicit Marxist sense. The executives, who already knew each other, 
were comparing, and bragging about, their cards, how luscious the 
paper stock was, how tasteful the font was etc (the joke is they're 
actually indistinguishable). The cards not only obviously 
representing their status and power and the competition between them, 
but the main character also seems to think the cards have real power, 
as he gets very stressed when he thinks a rival has a better card. 
And I suppose in the upper corporate world such things could have a 
real effect, even as they mask the real source of the power of such 
people, which I think was your point about fetishisation and social 
practice. The film's worth seeing, apparently a lot less gruesome 
than the book (which I've never been game to read).

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