[Marxism] on Hubbert's Peak

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> Conceivably, it might also be feasible to
> boost oil production by blasting it out of the ground with low-yield nuclear
> devices. The contaminated crude might make us glow in the dark but at least
> we wouldn't run out.

Either the writer is facetious or retroactively prescient: The only man to 
have filed a partinity suit against himself as putative "father of the H-bomb", 
Dr. Edward Teller, actually proposed this strangleovian method of "enhanced 
recovery" for extraction of natural gas (Project Rio Blanco) and in situ 
extraction of kerogen from marlstone formations on Colorado's Roan Plateau and 
Piceance Basin. The Saudis and OPEC know where the real margin is, and since Yamani 
have crept up close to the edge of pricing alternatives into the market. The 
"real" price of oil includes such tax-subsidized externalities as the Pentagon 
budget and the clean-up costs and the health-care of refinery workers and the 
lung ailments and lead poisoning of children. But now that crude prices have 
crept up over $40/b the undead bloodsuckers spawned by Teller have crawled out 
of the earth and stalk the land again. They may have to wait until $100/b to 
make it work but, as an off-shore rig roustabout once told me in the Gulf nar 
Louisiana,  "Een duh awl bidniss, t'aint nuttin' daid." The life expectancy of 
the living and the non is political.

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