[Marxism] Fwd: Bush - Sharon - Kerry: The Oil Connection

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Thu Jun 3 00:03:03 MDT 2004

As outlined below (from portside), the problem for anti-war Democrats with no 
place to go and the ABB Babies (Anybody-but-Bush Boomers) co-opted by the 
pro-war Democratic Leadership Council is that their presumptive nominee shares 
the  strategic vision of the neo-cons of the Project for a New Amercan Century. 
The people who control both parties in the US agree on the objectives of 
control over Middle East oil to fatten oil companies' wallets, their control over 
US politics, the advantage of US multinational manufacturers against European 
and japanese competition, and its supply to South Asia-China as the sweat-shop 
of the world in the 21st century -- and Israel is the wedge that divides the 
region and the left. They only disagree on the methods -- unilateral or 
multilateral -- and the apportionment of the costs. Your comments appreciated.... 

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