[Marxism] not so wrong on Mike Davis

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Thu Jun 3 10:58:36 MDT 2004

"I think oil extraction comes under the 
heading of mining rather than agriculture"

Wrong again. Oil is the product of "nature's agriculture" as it evolved
for millions of years.
We are talking about organic matter cooked below ground under very
specific circumstances. When you read about it, it seems amazing that we
have done as much with it as we have, given all the things that have to
fall into place for oil to be produced.

We are not going to get more than is there, which is conceivably  not
true for minerals, since there is the remote possibility of additions to
supply through mining the moon, or another asteroid strike on the earth.

By the way, Davis has a fascinating article on the meaning and dangers
of objects striking the earth in his "Dead Cities."

Jon Flanders

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