[Marxism] The unholy trinity

Pavlo Lenin pavlolenin at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 09:31:49 MDT 2004

    People need to realize whats going on, most do not know much of whats meant when people use philisophical jargon,the average worker needs to be told the truth in their own method of speach.
   They need to know that the so-called "War on Terror"is because of the alliance of the unholy trinity made up of 1 government,2 industry, and 3 organized religion, they need to know of this triad conspiracy in a way that could be understood and accepted.
   The people need to know that the main interset of this triad is money and power which comes from their control over the life blood of the world economy-OIL. This is why their children are dying, this is why Sept. 11,2001 happened, This they will understand!
Pavlo L.

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